Our company Airport Service, s.r.o. is providing professional transportation services in extraordinary vehicles for all our clients and customers. Transportation is our main domain and we always make the effort to provide our clients with the best. We will always provide you with a reliable and flexible chauffeur, who is fluent in English and is fully at your disposal for the time being. Our drivers are very representative and strictly follow etiquette. Their professional conduct is endorsed by sleek suits thanks to which are our clients able to use our services anytime. We take into account that not only offered services but also price influences your decision. The services we offer are provided to suit each one of our clients which is why our prices are based on an individual agreement. Enquire for rates, special offers and any extra services.


Services that are based on providing an outstanding, comfortable, professional and safe personal transportation. Our team is built on experienced, reliable and proven drivers that will meet all Your expectations.


Our fleet consists of Mercedes-Benz automobiles that are known for their comfort, luxurious trim and safety world wide. You can find E class Mercedes in luxury trim to ensure maximum comfort or V class Mercedes-Benz for transporting bigger groups (7+1). Upon request we are able to provide you with any preferred automobile brand


Skilled drivers are constantly undergoing trainings to improve their skills; safe vehicles ensure a reliable transport to Your destination. All vehicles have insurance coverage within the whole Europe. Naturally, there is an insurance coverage for the whole crew of the vehicle and baggage including potential accidents when entering or stepping out of the vehicle as well.


Every client has unique needs in transportation. Therefore we are trying to meet any requirements that might make traveling more pleasant with us. Whether it is route planning, time schedule, music or preferred refreshment on board, it is all in hands of a client. Our drivers are at the disposal to solve any requirement of a client.